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More than 300 young people and adolescents participate in the dissemination of the results of the 2nd Pan-African Youth Forum organized by UNFPA for the celebration of ICPD25 at the next Nairobi Summit


10/28/2019. Lay the foundations of youth associations; inform the young population of Equatorial Guinea about Sexual, Reproductive Health and Gender ; the International Conference on Population and Development # ICPD25 and the content of the African Youth Charter as well as the UNFPA Strategic Plan and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); present the recommendations of the 2nd Pan-African Forum, held in Addis-Abeba last april and with the aim of making youth benefit from the opportunities that the African Union offers in general to young people in Africa through the Project, # 1millonby2021, consisting of investing to develop the potential of 1 million young people by 2021 and in particular, the opportunities offered by the African Network of Youth and Adolescents in Population and Development (AFRIYAN) under the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), in charge of promoting youth associations for positive purposes and development momentum.

Fueron los temas tratados el pasado día 26 de octubre, en una reunión que el Fondo de Población de las Naciones Unidas con el apoyo de la Dirección General de juventud organizaron el Auditorio del Edificio de las Naciones Unidas en Malabo II.

This activity that lasted from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. was attended by 300 young people and the participation of Mr. UNFPA Representative Mady Biaye, the Director General of Youth Mr. Mba Fadipe; the Representative of the National University of Equatorial Guinea; the Representative of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Gender Equality and the Representative of UNICEF Antero De Pina; youth associations; NGOs members among others.

The Director General of Youth, Mr. Mba Fadipe During his speech; He expressed concern about the problems of Guinean youth and said expressly “From what you can see, you have many problems and concerns which I share for obvious reasons and several are the reasons why they cannot all be solved at the same time, in In this case, I ask you to make a prioritized and hierarchical relationship between them, that is, from the most important to the most transcendental and together we will find the solutions ”thus inviting the young people to present their problems so that in the future they can be found solution for them.

The Resident Representative of UNFPA, chaired and acted as rapporteur, where a series of problems and recommendations were collected from the participants.

Mr. Melchor Nsue Abeso, presented the motion of thanks, with a strong message for everyone and said: “Here we find people who were the concern of their parents because they were children, but today they are the hope of an entire country, a continent and from all over the world because in us lies the potential that is really needed to face the current challenges…. Therefore, let's associate, let's join together, let's make visible in our society the training we have received from our homes, schools, universities and society in general by creating more spaces where young people meet to solve social problems. ” He extended his thanks to the United Nations Population Fund and the Ministry of Youth.

In his dissertation, Dr. Mady biaye made an analysis of the Demographic Dividend (DD) as a key element to encourage young people and adolescents to exercise their human rights to develop their potential, summed up in three words: empowerment, education and employment. He also spoke about the vision and long-term planning of the UNFPA Program to take advantage and maximize the Demographic Dividend. He spoke of the 2030 Agenda with special emphasis on sustainable development goals; as the Global Plan of Action for the prosperity of people and States.

He concluded by reporting on the objectives of the International Conference on Population and Development, the reason for the 25 years of # ICPD25 and on the importance of the next Summit to be held in Nairobi on November 12, 2019.